About Us

Who We Are

Greenlink Cargo and Logistics Limited, is a Complete Logistics firm specializing in your freight needs. At Greenlink Cargo we have 12 years of experience and has since been serving customers with goods destined to East Africa and Globally delightfully. It is our job to connect you, the customer with shipping needs, to the carrier that will deliver the shipment to the desired destination.

Throughout the years we have built positive relationships with various carriers and customers which have in turn built trust in our ability to get the job done in a superb manner.

About us

We take pride in handling one of most challenging areas for our customers. Our company was founded on firmly established principles and procedures that place the client first. Greenlink Cargo has continually explored new ways to provide clients with superior value, always setting the bar for service quality and customer happiness.

Having emerged from humble beginnings with a limited clientele, we understand the business requirements of each client.

As a recognized leader in the logistics sector, we seek to be trend-setters by inventing and innovating, and our purpose is to create and provide world-class services in all of our global branches.

We have a high degree of competence in Third Party Logistics, allowing us to provide solutions to complicated logistical difficulties with ease.


Vision & Mission

To be the leading cargo company in East and central Africa.

Our mission is to steadily surpass customer expectations by providing superior cargo forwarding and world-wide transportation solutions including air, ocean, and customs duty brokerage and logistics services.

Safe handling of your goods

Offer Quality service

Proffesional in conducting our business