You can find out the location of your products by entering the cargo tracking number.Cargo tracking form test code: A4564EGS


Greenlink Cargo fleet and service include everything from local distribution to East African trailer traffic. We have daily departures from East Africa hub in Nairobi and can therefore offer a wide selection of services depending on your needs. Our services include full truckloads (FTL), less-than truckloads (LTL), overnight services to and from all major cities...


With a global network and industry expertise, Greenlink Cargo offers ocean freight solutions that help its clients to achieve exceptional balance between cost and time. The company partners with best-in-class ocean liners and suppliers to ensure all shipments receive quality handling. Full Container Load: FCL is a freight solution that...


Air freight is a costly and premium service but being our specialty, we take great pride in offering among the most competitive rates for this service. By routing all consignments through Dubai and destined for East Africa through Kenya we extend the benefit of low cost to our clients. Our business relationship with leading airlines

Greenlink Cargo and Clearing is a Complete Logistics firm specializing in your freight needs. Greenlink was established in the year 2017 and has since been serving customers from with goods destined to East Africa delightfully. It is our job to connect you, the customer with shipping needs, to the carrier that will deliver the shipment to the desired destination. Throughout the years we have built positive relationships with various carriers and customers which have in turn built trust in our ability to get the job done in a superb manner.